Have you been to a Friday night, finishing work and you want desperately to explode somewhere. Only it is not, in the same pub in which to drink the last three years, but rather a place that is particularly and its own atmosphere. Where you can drink two large, eat well and relax properly. The truth is that such establishments. Until recently, only lacked a complete and exhaustive list of the hundred most exciting pubs in the country. The purpose of this organization is without much formalism to fill this terrible gap, an indication of which are the 100 national pubs where they are and what they are the coolest! And since found them, we present them to you as tourist sites, with book hundred pubs and print from each of them. We are now ready with the choice, the books were printed and are available in all institutions involved in the project! Cheers!
The aim of the project is the definition and presentation of the 100 National Pubs tourist destinations. In establishments that are involved, will be distributed booklets with space for stamps pubs. Least to any institution will have to print the books. The criteria for selection of an institution is to have something unique kitchen, atmosphere, building, staff, wonderful view or simply the best place to eat in a city or region. In collection of 100 prints, the holder of the booklet participate in the raffle at the end of each year with awards vouchers that can be used for selection in each of the 100 pubs. Part of pubs involved in the project, providing a single discount on a purchase or stamping license from customer.If you want to check what are the pubs listed, you are welcome here.